Consensus RPG

by Thorin Tabor

Game Setup

At the beginning of the game, 18 tokens go to the GM and 18 tokens get placed in the player pool. Put these on the table between the players. These tokens represent narrative control over the game world.

Anytime there are more tokens in the player pool than there are players, distribute the tokens in the pool evenly among the players. Any remaining tokens stay in the pool.

Action Resolution

Any time a character takes an action, the player describes the action and its outcome. This outcome happens unless the GM or another player chooses to challenge.

If there is a challenge, the acting player justifies the result based on the character’s strengths and weaknesses. All players and the GM then spend tokens to vote Success or Failure.

The vote is simultaneous and blind. Players may not discuss their votes ahead of time.

If there are more tokens voted for success than failure, the outcome happens. Otherwise, the acting player describes the failure.

If the action is a failure, all spent tokens go into the player pool. If the action is a success, all spent tokens go to the GM.