Young Lady!

by Susanne Vejdemo

“Why are you rolling your eyes at me?”
“Because you’re brainwashed like everyone else who is old!”
(Quote from the first playtest)

Requirements: 2 players and this text

Setting & Gameplay

Seven 3–5 minute scenes, set in seven different eras, of a mother and a daughter arguing. It’s about how expectations on women have changed (or not changed) during the last two centuries. Expect comedy, drama, seriousness and some heartfelt realizations.

In each scene, the mother is 40 and the daughter is 16 years old. All mothers love their her daughters but is very concerned and exasperated with her for the reason that the mother player picks from list in “Why We Fight”.

Each scene begins with the mother saying “now listen young lady…” Both players should try to use the phrase “I love you, but…” at some point in each scene. The daughter player is responsible for ending the scene, and does so by walking out angrily from the room (door slamming optional).

Switching roles: The mother player in the 2010s scene plays the same character in the 1980s scene, but this time when that character is younger and is having a fight with her own mother (new role for the other player). In this fashion, the players steps back in time in this chain of mothers and daughters up until the 19th century.

Why We Fight

This list is written from a Scandinavian white middle class perspective. Feel free to adapt it!







Last scene - 2040s

Thanks for playing! If you wish, you can debrief by share arguments you’ve had with your own mother, or your children. What do you think a male version of this would look like? I would love a short play report emailed to!


This larp was written by Susanne Vejdemo (, who is immensely grateful for all the feedback from the Facebook group Larp Women Unite and the playtesters at the New York City Larp Designers’ Meetup Group.